Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera

Apollo 11 Landing Site


"Houston, Tranquility base here. The Eagle has landed." With those words Neil Armstrong let the world know that the Apollo 11 lunar module Eagle had set down safely on the surface of the Moon (20 July 1969). They did it! A nearly impossible task, yet there they were, starkly alone, but in a real sense in front of millions of people back on Earth. The pre-planned flight plan would have put the Lunar Module (LM) on the rocky rim of West crater (180 m diameter, right). Armstrong intervened and flew the LM to safe spot 500 m to the west (left). Armstrong and Aldrin and Armstrong spent over two hours setting up scientific experiments, documenting the site, and collecting geologic samples.

Traverse the Apollo 11 Landing Site

Lat: 0.6742°
Long: 23.4731°
Camera: NAC
Image Width: 1.0 km
Location in exhibit: Lunar Exploration Sites
Image ID: M175124932R

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