The LROC Patch

Imaage of the LROC project patch

The LROC patch was designed by the LROC team prior to the LRO satellite launch in 2009 in order to help illustrate project objectives while using a design language similar to other NASA patches.

The LROC team adopted the following images to help illustrate the project objectives:

  • The lower left image represents the LROC goal of mapping dynamic light conditions near the poles.
  • The lower right image is from Galileo and signifies the LROC WAC multispectral capabilities.
  • The top half is from an Apollo Panoramic image of the Apollo 17 landing site to indicate that LROC is exploring sites for future crewed missions to the surface.
  • The Latin text along the bottom roughly translates to "Science Enables Exploration, Exploration Enables Science", calling out the harmony between engineering and science.

More detailed information about the LROC objectives can be found here.