Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera

About the LROC Patch

How was the LROC patch designed?

The LROC patch was designed by the LROC team, with the following goals in mind:

  • Illustrate the LROC objectives
  • Employ a design language similar to other NASA patches
Lroc logo

What are the images featured in the LROC Patch?

  • The lower left image represents the LROC goal of mapping dynamic light conditions near the poles.
  • The lower right image is from Galileo and signifies the LROC WAC multispectral capabilities.
  • The top half is from an Apollo Panoramic image of the Apollo 17 landing site to indicate that LROC is exploring sites for future crewed missions to the surface.
  • The Latin logo along the bottom translates to "Science Enables Exploration, Exploration Enables Science", calling out the synergy between engineering and science.