Apollo 11 Footsteps

Relive the Apollo 11 surface traverse with th new addition to the LROC Featured Sites webpage....
Relive the Apollo 11 surface traverse with the new upgrade to the LROC Featured Sites [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University].

The LROC team carefully reconstructed the traverse of Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on a minute-by-minute basis from the 16 mm sequence camera, television video, voice transcript, surface photography, and LROC NAC images (as well as pre-existing work). In many cases the locations of the astronaut activities were significantly improved.

New web feature tracing the footsteps of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin as they explore the Moon.
Using a slider bar (not pictured) you can follow Armstrong and Aldrin through their traverse.

Improvements include:

- Accurately geolocated astronaut footpaths

- Narrowed down the area of the selected / bulk sample collection

- Geolocated significant observations

- Compared before and after images to annotate sample locations on Hasselblad panoramas

- Produced comprehensive traverse timeline

A detailed description of the traverse reconstruction was presented on 21 March at the 50th Lunar and Planetray Science Conference (LPSC Abstract 3089). The LPSC poster presentation is below, and you can head to our Apollo 11 Featured Sites page to explore the traverse yourself!

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Published by Mark Robinson on 29 March 2019