New Exhibits and Download Sections

View inside the New Moon Rises exhibit at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in D.C.
A view inside A New Moon Rises exhibit previously at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C.

The LROC website's downloads and exhibits sections have been recently updated with improved scalability as future team products and exhibits are added and released.

3d printable puzzle of Lamor Q crater
3D-printable, 30-piece puzzle (5x6 in by 25 mm) of Larmor Q crater (28.7˚N, 176.3˚E) now available in the downloads section; puzzle is a 1:200,000 scale model of the 23x18 km diameter, 3.5 km deep crater.

The downloads section has been updated to include several categories; 3D-printable files like the above Larmor Q 3D printable puzzle, our previously available popular ISIS Cube files, Lunar Feature posters often handed out by the LROC team at public events or as giveaways inside our Lunar Exploration gallery, product support files, and detailed lunar map sheets – like the one below.

taurus littrow valley topo photo map
Taurus-Littrow Valley: Apollo 17 Landing Site Topo-photo Map sheet (2 of 2), a topographical, photo map of the Taurus Littrow Valley and Apollo 17 landing site with relief lines and annotations; often paired with a color-shaded relief map sheet (1 of 2). Printed map is 24x36 at 300ppi.

In addition to the downloads section, there is an updated exhibits section that shows off LROC's past, present, and future exhibits throughout the country. This section replaces the previous standalone exhibit section. There are currently two exhibits at the time of writing; A New Moon Rises, previously at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in D.C., and Barnstorming the Moon previously at the monOrchid in downtown Phoenix. More exhibits, past and future, will be included as they become available. Each exhibit section contains a gallery of LROC Zoomify  images on display at the selected exhibit, descriptions, download links, and additional image details.

inside view of the monorchid barnstorming the moon gallery
View inside the Barnstorming the Moon exhibit showing a selection of the amazing LROC images on display at the monOrchid in downtown Phoenix, Arizona through 16 August.

Enjoy the new additions to the website and the amazing work by the LROC team!

Published by Rick Hoppe on 16 August 2019