LROC QuickMap goes 3D!

 A "Quickmap 3D" view of the lunar nearside with the NAC Anaglyph locations layer turned on.

The LROC QuickMap data visualization tool just underwent a major revamp! Now known as Quickmap 3D, the tried and true tool is even more powerful!

New exciting updates include:

  1. 3D Support
    • Full 3D globe navigation
    • Real-time perspective views
    • Flyover animation support
    • Spacecraft animation and location
  2. New User Interface (UI)
    • Redesigned, left-side toolbar 
    • New projections, layers, tools, and search capabilities
  3. Boolean Layers Support
    • Boolean expressions to help filter data
  4. New Data Layers
    • NAC regional mosaics
    • DEM contour lines
    • Color shaded relief
    • Lunar mare boundaries
    • GRAIL gravity gradients
    • NAC layers by illumination type

To utilize these features, navigate to the QuickMap site located at For additional help and to familiarize yourself with the interface and tools, please download our updates guide. Try out the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) satellite tracker, an incredible new tool located in the "Overlays" panel.

A timelapse of the LRO passing over the lunar terrain in the new QuickMap 3D (3D Projection with Satellite Tracking engaged).

We hope you enjoy exploring the Moon with this exciting update to Quickmap!

Published by Rick Hoppe on 11 October 2017